Ridden by Bend Bikes • November 2022

Bend Key Route 7




20% basic bike lane
45% busy street
35% advanced riding

Recommended For

Not recommended


7 difficult crossings

Key Route 7 is a zig-zag route that links key routes 1, 9, and 10 together.

It is a very short section, but requires advanced riding on 3rd street and is not currently recommended.


Most riders
Intermediate riders
Advanced riders

The route is color coded to indicate what level of rider is recommended for each section. Green represents multi-use paths, protected infrastructure, or quiet residential streets. Blue is used for bike lanes, shared low-traffic commercial streets, or busier residential. Black represents areas that only the most advanced riders would feel comfortable on: busy streets without bike lanes, very difficult intersections, or Bend’s highest traffic volume areas – namely 3rd, Hwy 20 and Hwy 97. Black can also represent unbuilt sections.

Nearby destinations

  • Crux
  • 2nd Street Shopping
  • Jaycee Park

City of Bend planned projects

Aune street extension • 2025

There is a project underway to improve nearly the entire area of this key route. The overall alignment may change and this should result in a huge improvement. We look forward to seeing the new plan!

Our suggestions

Most critical improvements

  • 3rd is a very dangerous street, and there isn’t a bike lane under the bridge. There needs to be a clear pathway for bikes.
  • Crossing 3rd at both Burnside and Miller is very difficult

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