Ridden by Bend Bikes • October 2022

Bend Key Route 5




42% path
40% basic bike lane
3% advanced riding
15% unbuilt

Recommended For

Intermediate riders


3 difficult crossings
3 dangerous intersections

Key Route 5 is an east-west route that has a very mixed environment right now. There is a great canal path in the east but also very difficult riding near 3rd street.

Right now, there is a fairly large unbuilt section at the easternmost end but it’s planned that the canal trail will continue through to Yeomen.


Most riders
Intermediate riders
Advanced riders

The route is color coded to indicate what level of rider is recommended for each section. Green represents multi-use paths, protected infrastructure, or quiet residential streets. Blue is used for bike lanes, shared low-traffic commercial streets, or busier residential. Black represents areas that only the most advanced riders would feel comfortable on: busy streets without bike lanes, very difficult intersections, or Bend’s highest traffic volume areas – namely 3rd, Hwy 20 and Hwy 97. Black can also represent unbuilt sections.

Nearby destinations

  • Canal Row Park
  • Pine Nursery Park
  • Shopping area between Hwy 20 & Hwy 97

As of October 2022, this easternmost portion of this route has not been connected yet. A paved path along the canal will be built as part of the Petrosa development.

City of Bend planned projects

Petrosa paved path • TBD

The new Petrosa development in NE Bend is currently under construction. Some portions of the new paved path are complete, but they do not connect into the key route.

Butler Market GO Bond project • TBD

Butler Market is getting an overhaul from the intersection of Boyd Acres to the intersection of Brinson Blvd. The design is currently in progress; construction has not been scheduled.

Butler Market & Wells Acres Roundabout • 2023

This intersection is changing from a two way stop to a single lane roundabout. Design is complete and construction should be beginning soon. This roundabout won’t change the safety of this key route, but it will make it much easier for the surrounding neighborhoods to connect to the route.

Our suggestions

Most critical improvements

  • Division & 3rd intersection. The westernmost portion of this route is very difficult for bikers.
  • Butler Market & Boyd Acres intersection would be greatly improved by a single lane roundabout.
  • Butler Market & Brinson would also be much safer as a single lane roundabout.

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