Emilio Biasucci

At Large

Emilio made the move to Bend in 2017. He is an advocate for safe and connected bicycle pathways for all ages. As child, Emilio felt like biking offered freedom to travel in search of new adventure. Throughout his life, cycling continues to inspire adventure and freedom. Emilio also loves the unique perspective cycling offers regarding our city’s growth, its architecture, and beautiful landscape.

Elisa Cheng


Elisa standing in the woods with backpack on

Elisa has been a Bend resident since 2010 when she moved from Honolulu, Hawaii. She has been interested in biking since around 2008 when she decided to get on a bike again for the first time since childhood by training for a half-Ironman triathlon. She frequents the roads as she mainly uses her bike to commute, does the occasional road ride, and mountain bikes on any trail she can find. It’s one of her goals to bike every Oregon scenic bikeway.

Jim Elliott

At Large

Jim’s first bike was a Columbia three speed with balloon tires that he used to explore his hometown starting at age 6.  Prior to moving to Bend in 2011, Jim lived in Iowa. While there, he and his two then teenaged kids rode across the United States and also the entire family took part in the annual seven day bike ride across Iowa (RAGBRAI) multiple times.  Jim enjoys the trails and roads of Deschutes County and has more bikes than he needs. His interest in cycling advocacy is driven by his desire to enable individuals of all ages and abilities to explore Bend by bicycle and to cycle safely for fun and to school, work and other trips.

David Green

Secretary / Treasurer

David Green moved to Bend in 2015 to take advantage of the amenities of what seemed a big city with easy access to natural areas. He enjoys bike packing, road riding, and doing errands on his bike. He came to cycling advocacy after meeting far too many people who enjoy biking but avoid riding on the streets of Bend. He wants to see a walkable, cyclable Bend where kids, seniors, and everyone in between can comfortably get around on foot and by bike.

Kaitlin Greene

Vice President

Kaitlin has lived in Bend since 2012. She shares the city’s passion for outdoor recreation and envisions a future where active transportation is a part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone. She loves being able to get just about anywhere in Bend on her single speed townie but has a special place in her heart for her gravel bike, which takes her bike packing throughout Oregon. 

Jana Hemphill

At Large

Jana has been living and bike commuting in Bend since 2016. She is the Outreach Manager for Deschutes Land Trust, a local conservation nonprofit. Whether commuting to work, running errands, picking up veggies at the farmer’s market, or grabbing coffee with friends, Jana loves being able to get around town on her trusty commuter bike.

Eric Holscher

At Large

Eric has lived in Oregon since 2010, after growing up in Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. In 2013 he hiked 800 miles of the PCT before getting a stress fracture, which grew his love for biking because of the lower impact. He met his wife while she was doing a Pacific Coast highway bike tour, and their first trip together was doing the Vancouver to Seattle section together. He sees amazing value in neighborhood greenways, and hopes to expand the network in Bend to make cycling more accessible to all community members.

LeeAnn O’Neill

Past President

LeeAnn is a recovering attorney who escaped corporate law life by biking across Mexico and landed in Bend in 2013. She has extensive nonprofit experience and is a founding partner of Allyship in Action, a Central Oregon based equity and social justice consulting firm. Her passions include engaging women in bike touring, making bike commuting initiatives inclusive, and eliminating barriers for those who face obstacles to bike commuting.

Brady Park

At Large

Brady’s long family history here has instilled a love for Bend as a place and as a community. He is passionate about bikes as a way to commute and have fun, and believes that the wonder of Bend can be best appreciated by slowing down, hopping on a bike, and taking it all in. He is a firm believer that a well connected and safe biking-infrastructure throughout our town has the power to bring people together and create a stronger, more resilient community.