Elisa Cheng


Elisa standing in the woods with backpack on

Elisa has been a Bend resident since 2010 when she moved from Honolulu, Hawaii. She has been interested in biking since around 2008 when she decided to get on a bike again for the first time since childhood by training for a half-Ironman triathlon. She frequents the roads as she mainly uses her bike to commute, does the occasional road ride, and mountain bikes on any trail she can find. It’s one of her goals to bike every Oregon scenic bikeway.

Morgan Crowell

At Large

Morgan has lived in Oregon since 2006 when he moved from Northern California to work on improving bicycle access with a non-profit in the Portland Metro Area. After years working in bike shops and supporting some of the largest cycling events in Oregon, he now spends his time working on industrial regulation for the City of Bend, commuting on a cargo bike with his daughter  and getting outside to recreate as much as possible.

LeeAnn O’Neill


LeeAnn is a recovering attorney who escaped corporate law life by biking across Mexico. She is has extensive nonprofit experience and is a founding partner of Allyship in Action, an equity and social justice consulting firm. Her passions include engaging women in bike touring, making bike commuting initiatives inclusive, and eliminating barriers for those who face obstacles to bike commuting.

Kirk Stock

At Large

Kirk is the owner of Video Works Productions, a Bend-based video production company.  He served on the advisory board for the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway before moving back to Bend in 2014.

Aron Yarmo


Aron Yarmo is an attorney, practicing in Bend, where he has lived since 1996.  He has been cycling for school, work and play as long as he can remember.  Aron has had a passion for greenways since finding that it was difficult for his kids to safely bike the seven blocks to the local elementary school.  Now, Aron is focused on advocating for better and safer bicycle infrastructure throughout Bend so that all residents with bikes in their garage feel safe riding them throughout our city.