Ridden by Bend Bikes • October 2022

Bend Key Route 2




39% paved path
14% quiet street
23% intermediate riding
23% advanced riding
1% unbuilt

Recommended For

Intermediate riders


1 difficult traffic lights
5 difficult crossings

Key Route 2 is an east-west route that has a wide mix of riding environments right now.

A very difficult section of Bear Creek Road in the east transitions to neighborhood streets and then multi-use paths in the west.


Most riders
Intermediate riders
Advanced riders

The route is color coded to indicate what level of rider is recommended for each section. Green represents multi-use paths, protected infrastructure, or quiet residential streets. Blue is used for bike lanes, shared low-traffic commercial streets, or busier residential. Black represents areas that only the most advanced riders would feel comfortable on: busy streets without bike lanes, very difficult intersections, or Bend’s highest traffic volume areas – namely 3rd, Hwy 20 and Hwy 97. Black can also represent unbuilt sections.

Nearby destinations

  • Bear Creek Elementary School
  • Miller Elementary School
  • Pacific Crest Middle School
  • Summit High School
  • Overturf Park
  • Columbia Park
  • Miller’s Landing Park
  • Larkspur Trail
  • Phil’s Trail
  • Downtown Bend
  • Box Factory
  • The Forum

As of October 2022, the section of this route through Bear Creek Elementary School is not always accessible.

City of Bend planned projects

Bear Creek GO Bond project • 2026

Biking improvements are planned along Bear Creek from Cessna Dr to the eastern city limits as part of the Bear Creek GO Project. The key route gap near Bear Creek Elementary will be fixed and a new roundabout will be built at Bear Creek & Purcell. Overall this should result in a huge improvement for this route!

Franklin undercrossing improvements • TBD

The city of Bend is planning to improve 3 midtown crossings: Greenwood, Hawthorne, and Franklin. The Franklin undercrossing redesign is still in the planning stages.

Our suggestions

Route changes

This key route between 17th and Harriman winds through residential neighborhoods. These are mostly pleasant to ride on, but do not get cyclists to key destinations – namely Galveston Avenue and Downtown. A major project on Galveston is planned for 2025-26 and the Franklin corridor is planned for improvement in the next year or two. Connecting these two streets more directly would make this key route much more useful.

The current route uses the Coyner Trail and a spur trail through the Bear Creek Elementary School campus.  The trail is well-separated from traffic but is not direct, has steep sections, and several tight corners.  There is at least one gate that is sometimes locked on this trail segment.  As the bike infrastructure along Bear Creek is improved, a more direct route should be considered.

Most critical improvements

  • 3rd and Franklin is a very difficult intersection
  • Dangerous riding on Bear Creek Road
  • A better route through Galveston and Downtown

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