What is a Sharrow?

What is a Sharrow?

Sharrows or (Shared Roadway Bicycle Markings) are intended to help bicycle riders position themselves away from parked cars, to avoid being struck by suddenly opened car doors, and to alert other road users to expect bicyclists to occupy travel lanes. These markings can also be used in situations where it may not be obvious where bicycle riders should be riding, such as at intersections with multiple turn lanes or downtown Bendimages2.

Often bicycle riders think they are required to ride only in the bicycle lane.  This is not true and can even be hazardous in certain situations.  Oregon law states cyclist are required ride as close as practicable or( successful) to the right curb or edge of the roadway. EXCEPT:

  • Proceeding at the speed of traffic
  • When the lane is not wide enough for safe passage
  • To avoid hazards in the bike lane
  • Left turning or straight through intersection
  • When overtaking a slower moving vehicle

(ORS 814.430)


Sharrows can assist bicycle riders in having a safe enjoyable ride and educate all roadway users where bicycle riders are allowed to ride.

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