Take Action: CTAC Needs to Hear from You

Bend Bikes member Scott Ferguson speaking to City Council
Bend Bikes member Scott Ferguson speaking to City Council

Urgent Call to Action

The Citizen Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) is helping to develop Bend’s new Transportation System Plan (TSP) and will make a recommendation to City Council for adoption. There are so many needs in our transportation system that CTAC has decided their approach will be to create criteria for how to prioritize transportation projects (e.g. bike lanes, roads for cars, sidewalks) at their next meeting on May 22nd.

When: May 22nd, 12pm
Where: Downtown Bend Library, Brooks Room – 601 NW Wall St

Projects that get prioritized will likely be the ones that receive funding first. You can influence this process by sending comments to [email protected] (we’ll auto-forward your note onto the TSP folks) or by providing verbal input at the next CTAC meeting on May 22nd at 12 pm in the Downtown Bend Library, Brooks Room.

Bend Bikes believes the TSP should:

Prioritize projects that provide equitable and safe transportation options to those who are low income, the disabled, as well as the young and elderly.

In particular, protected bike lanes and Neighborhood Greenways are some of the best ways to get people who choose to commute by bicycle safely around Bend.