Something needs fixin’ in your neighborhood?

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City of Bend has a new program for that

Now through September 20th at 5pm, any Bend resident can submit an application for the Neighborhood Street Safety Program (NSSP). It’s designed to allow residents to request small-scale projects to address safety on residential streets.

Streets that are eligible

Streets up for consideration must be public streets owned and maintained by the City of Bend (which means you can rule out Hwy 20 through town) that meet these three criteria:

  1. residential streets, defined as:
    • used by more than 400 vehicles per day (more than 11 cars in 15 minutes)
    • more than 3 blocks long (approximately 1800 feet),
  2. local street intersections with a collector or arterial street, or
  3. spot improvements on an arterial or collector fronted by residential lots.

Types of projects that are eligible

  • infill sidewalk segments
  • crosswalks
  • street lights
  • speed humps on neighborhood greenways
  • curb extensions
  • signing
  • striping

For a fuller list, see the Neighborhood Street Safety Toolbox webpage which includes rough cost estimates as well.

Bend City Council approved a two
year total budget for the NSSP totaling $800,000.

Submitting a project

To submit a project, click here.  Each project application received by the deadline will be reviewed and prioritized by the Neighborhood Association where the proposed project is located. The top two projects from each Neighborhood Association will then be prioritized citywide by the Neighborhood Leadership Alliance.

A list of 26 prioritized projects will then go through City staff review, public support surveys and concept designs. In May 2020, the Neighborhood Leadership Alliance will submit to the City a final prioritized project list for final approval. Project design and construction for the approved projects is expected to take place between June 2020 and October 2021.