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Bend Bikes

Back in mid March, just before the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on the 15th, we put out a call to action requesting supporters of active transportation speak at the Bend City Council meeting during the visitor’s section. Click here to read the suggested talking points we published.

We were gratified to have 14 people (including a few Bend Bikes board members) speak on behalf of active transportation. Click here to see the video from the night’s visitor’s section testimony.

COB - Blended approach
A map of the “blended approach” and some of the active transportation possibilities.
Click for a larger view.

Later in March, Bend City Council voted 4 – 3 to adopt a “blended approach” to funding transportation projects that will not only move people in cars, but also people traveling by bicycle and by foot. Without those 14 speakers at the City Council meeting on March 15th, it’s unlikely that option 3 would have even been presented to City Council. What an impact!

We’ve also been told that a draft biennial budget for the City also includes funding for active transportation projects such as neighborhood greenways. A cautionary note though: lots can change between now and when the budget is formally adopted in early May. We need your support to ensure that Councilor votes don’t waver between now and then.

To that end, we’ll be hosting two events to allow folks to again demonstrate to City Councilors how much community support there is for including active transportation in the two-year city budget.

I support the City’s decision to invest in active transportation projects, including the construction of improved, bicycle-friendly infrastructure such as neighborhood greenways in our community. Providing funding for these types of projects helps ensure residents and visitors alike have access to safe and convenient routes for biking and pedestrian use, while reducing vehicle miles traveled and congestion on Bend’s roadways.

If you agree with the above statement, we STRONGLY encourage you (and all your peeps) to attend one of these two nights and sign-on to our petition.

Date:April 27th
Time:6pm to 8pm
Location:Whole Foods Bend

2610 Highway 20

Bend, OR 97701
Date:May 4th
Time:3pm to 6pm
Location:Primal Cuts Meat Market

1244 NW Galveston

Bend, OR 97701

Did we mention we’ll have free beer? Well, we will!

Think of the impact of getting 200 or more signatures supporting the above petition and presenting it to Councilors during upcoming budget meetings. So, tell all your friends – show up, have a pint, and sign on to support active transportation.