Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Education Assistant

Oregon Safe Routes to School rainbow
A gloriously full rainbow lights up an Oregon Safe Routes to School session last week at Sky View Middle School
Photo by Brian Potwin

Here’s a heads up for those who like bicycle education (it is one of 5 E’s after all) and also enjoy working with people: there’s a job opening for a Safe Routes to School Education Assistant through Commute Options.

Here’s a press release with some information about the position.

Job Description

The SRTS Education Assistant reports to the SRTS Coordinator, acts as lead instructor in his absence, and reports to job sites including schools and special event to deliver SRTS instruction to students K-8.

The primary duties of the SRTS Education Assistant include, but are not limited to:

Preparing equipment and materials PRIOR to delivery of daily safety instruction during project periods.

  • Visit and become familiar with school grounds and facility, neighborhood roadways and riding courses
  • Bicycles checked for safety, spare parts and tools on hand during classes, handouts and awards
  • Safety vests, helmets checked and sorted according to size, first aid kits
  • Trailer loading and unloading
  • Emergency information including cell phone availability and location of teachers and school nurse, school principal or administrator
  • Meet, greet and brief volunteers on daily safety lesson plan
  • Work with teacher to insure appropriate student permissions are in place, and make alternative accommodations for non-riders

Delivering prescribed safety lessons to students

  • Work with Coordinator to determine suitable daily lessons, depending on weather, scheduling and school needs
  • Assist Coordinator with daily lesson, course- set-up, class control, leader selection and student ride preparation
  • Assist Coordinator with ensuring that each student is properly outfitted for each day’s lesson, with bike and helmet in proper working order
  • In the Coordinator’s absence, lead daily lessons, rides and volunteer supervision and coordination
  • Ongoing, active recruitment of volunteers (parents, teachers, community partners) includes assigning each volunteer a specific job and providing positive feedback

Delivering prescribed safety lessons to adults

  • Briefing and educating adult volunteers on safety issues and guidelines, hazards, safe traffic practices and lesson plans and purposes
  • Explaining and suggesting improvements to volunteers in a constructive, helpful manner
  • Involving all volunteers and helping them feel useful and invested in the program
  • Demonstrating bicycle handling skills and practice maneuvers and courses

Reporting and De-briefing

  • Timely sharing and reporting of any incidents or issues to supervisor
  • Log class student participant counts and hours of work
  • Ongoing communication with teachers and school administrators. Immediate escalation of any school or student-related issues to Coordinator.
  • Communicate equipment conditions and needs to Coordinator.
  • elf evaluation reporting to Coordinator, including lessons learned and success stories, for the ongoing improvement of the program.

The assistant instructor position is $15.00 per/hr and the hours will vary depending on the school. The position ranges from 10-25hours per week. For more information see the Safe Routes to School webpage.