Multi-use paths

Bend has many popular multi-use paths around town. Many of these were built as trails by Bend Park & Recreation.

Multi-use paths are asphalt and can be used by walkers, bikers, strollers, dogs, skateboards – pretty much anything that isn’t a motorized vehicle. They often parallel roads and take the place of a sidewalk.

Paths are not one-way; bikes can go in both directions regardless of what side of the street the path is on. Very rarely there will be a painted line in the middle of the path and bikes should stay to the right of that line.

Community Feedback

Things to love
  • Paths feel very safe because they are separated from cars by curbs and/or landscaping.
  • They usually don’t fill up with gravel in the winter because the vehicle lanes are far away.
  • Some paths are plowed in the winter.
  • Wide and safe enough for trailers.
  • The surface is smooth.
Improvement areas
  • If a path is too popular, it can be hard for bikes to pass people walking.
  • Some paths are circuitous and add extra length to biking trips.
  • Increased conflicts because users travel in both directions.

Have something to add?

We’re gathering additional feedback on all kinds of bike infrastructure in Bend. Let us know what you think!

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