NW Milwaukee Neighborhood Greenway Saved

Marshall Greene
Marshall Greene speaking to Bend City Council in support of the NW Milwaukee Neighborhood Greenway

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who submitted an email in support of restoring the planned NW Milwaukee Neighborhood Greenway. The community spoke out and our local politicians listened!

As many of you know, loud objections from just a couple of parties cornered City staff into considering a new, circuitous route-around which would have frustrated the purpose of this greenway. We were concerned that this change would not only have harmed the Milwaukee greenway, but also set a disturbing precedent, potentially putting the entire Neighborhood Greenway program at risk.

But, YOU spoke, sending nearly 40 emails to the Council urging restoration of the original greenway route. And, at last Wednesday’s City Council meeting, the Council responded to your concerns and to speakers (such as the one pictured above) by adding this topic to the agenda at the end of a very long meeting.

Watch the Video

If you get the chance, take a look/listen to the video from the Council Meeting.  You can find it here.  Fast forward through most of meeting; tucked into the ‘Council Action and Reports’ portion of the evening at the 4 hour and 9 minute mark, you’ll hear a very short discussion on the greenway.  Our take is that most Councilors are now supportive of keeping the greenway on Milwaukee.

Those of you who did write to the Council likely received an email from Mayor Sally Russell that looked something like this:

Thank you for your email and for your concern.

As Mayor I am working hard to keep the alignment of the Milwaukee Greenway on Milwaukee as originally proposed. For several reasons I believe that this is the best option- among them Newport Market, a small business, needs to receive deliveries and function in neighborhood. All greenways in Bend are to provide safe route for people on bikes and going through neighborhoods. As a Council we value the safety of these routes for children and families to get to school.

Council is committed to moving this project forward. That being said, this plan can change at some point in the future, but only if it makes the most sense to better serve the community.

I hope that helps.


While the Mayor seems to leave some small space to once again changing the route, you spoke and Council listened. At this point, it would be quite a bombshell for the city to stray from the community’s clear preference for continuing to ride and walk on NW Milwaukee. For that, we feel grateful. Cheers!

Thanks to the The Source Weekly with their recent editorial in support of the Milwaukee greenway

Read The Source Weekly for the recent editorial here.

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