Locavore has an incentive to get there by bicycle

If you’re someone who likes to use a bicycle to get around town and you like to support local food producers, Central Oregon Locavore has got a program for you.
Locavore card - Bend Bikes
They call it the ‘Alternative Transportation Card’ and it works like this: spend $5 or more at their store (1841 NE 3rd Street in Bend) and have them punch your card. Rack up 10 punches and get $5 off your next purchase.

Don’t feel left out though if you don’t get their by bicycle; they count walking, carpooling and transit too.

According to Megan French, a board member of the non-profit, it’s mostly been cyclists who’ve participated in the program. Via email, we asked why Locavore started the program, and she wrote:

We started using the alternative transportation card for many reasons:

  • We are all avid bike riders and try to drive as little as possible…. We are all very conscious about our “car” and fossil fuel time (hence why we all love local food and work for a local food nonprofit!) We all utilize the commute options app as well!
  • We have limited parking at Locavore and would like to cut back on the congestion.
  • We try to be as sustainable as possible: trying to go zero waste, reusing as much as possible, repurposing everything, and of course, focusing on lower green house gas emissions. We love the idea of positive reinforcement and rewarding people for being awesome.

We think it’s awesome that they offer a program like this.