Job Opening – Rebalancer Field Technician

Zagster has a part-time job open in Bend. Here are the details:

Rebalancer Field Technician

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform System Sweeps 3 times a week. This involves Wrangling of errant bikes and Station Inspections.
  • A Station Inspection entails ensuring all bikes are properly locked to the stations.
  • While moving between stations, Wrangle bikes left off station, transporting and locking them to open Zagster docks.
  • Rebalance bikes from more full to less full stations.
  • Record all work in Zagster’s Mechanic Web Based Application

Compensation: Guarantee of $90 a week

  • Guarantee of $30 per System Sweep
  • 3 System Sweeps a week
  • Each System Sweep should take approximately 2 hours

Other Info

This is a part-time contracted position resulting in
approximately 6 hours of work per week.