Got a gripe with a roadway? Citizen Service Request form

The Citizen Service Request Form is the City of Bend’s official mechanism to report roadway issues to the Public Works department.

The form can be found here on the City’s website.

Use it to:

  • Tell the city about a dangerous roadway condition: sunken sewer grate, debris in the bike lane, potholes
  • Help them understand missing parts of our bicycle infrastructure: abrupt end to a bike lane, suggested route for a bike boulevard, etc

Be as specific as you can when filling in the form. That might include the cross-street and landmark reference to note the location of a dangerously low sewer grate for example.

Once submitted, the form gets routed in the Public Works department. Depending on the request, that routing might mean that it’s shelved until a larger project for that roadway surfaces.

Submitting the form might feel sometimes like an exercise in futility. Submissions from other cycle commuters who travel your same route and touch on your same issue has a cumulative impact.