More Good News For Greenways

Last month the City considered several transportation funding options and chose a “Blended Approach” (Option 3) to recommend to City Council.  If adopted, this would allocate as much as $1 million for Greenway implementation over the next 5 years.

Last week, the City hosted a NW 14th Street Reconstruction Open House.  In speaking with City staff at the Open House, I was very happy to hear that;

  • The NW 14thSt project does not diminish or interfere with the City’s commitment to a NW 15thStreet Greenway,
  • Staff had a very positive response to direct neighborhood involvement in design and advocacy of “their” Greenway; and
  • City and private/neighborhood partnerships can facilitate implementation of Greenway projects.

On that note, we have launched a NW 15th Street Greenway Survey. To access it, click here. This is your opportunity to consider what Greenway features should be used to improve NW 15th Street.  Your input will help make the Greenway work best for your neighborhood.  You can find pictures and descriptions of Greenway features at the bottom of this our NW 15th Street page.

For more information about the NW 14th Street Reconstruction, go to: