Call to Action: Revised Draft Transportation Bond Project Sequencing Feedback!

[Photo: City of Bend] Latest design cross section from the Wilson corridor with a protected bike lane… the first GO bond project approved by TBOC. 

City staff spent the last month creating more readable and robust materials breaking down the rationale behind the draft transportation GO bond project sequencing for the first 5 years of the bond. They also tweaked some of the project sequencing at the request of the Transportation Bond Oversight Committee (TBOC). The TBOC will consider the revised sequencing and there is a high likelihood that the TBOC will approve a recommendation to Council at its meeting next week on November 9th, 2021 from 4 pm – 6 pm

The full Agenda and Packet is huge — the most important parts are:

  1. Draft Capital Improvement Plan Overview (explains the rationale for the project sequencing and identifies what has changed since the last meeting)
  2. Attachment A – Draft CIP Sequencing Schedule (shows the project sequencing broken out by design and construction phases, including a vision for the whole life of the bond)
  3. Attachment C – Expanded Project Cut Sheets (detailed descriptions of each project identifying funding sources, proposed project schedule, sequencing notes, project readiness, construction fatigue issues, pros and cons of requests made by TBOC, and other potential issues).  

Our position has not changed much since the first draft sequencing, but after reviewing the revised draft project sequencing, there are a few things that we would like City staff, City Council, and the TBOC to hear! 

  • We fully support the revision adding the Olney Bike and Pedestrian Improvements to early 2022. Thank you!
  • We fully support the revision breaking the Reed Market Corridor project into three parts, allowing for the acceleration of key infrastructure for people who walk, bike, and roll at 3rd Street and the Canal and Key Route R1-D to create a separated shared use path. We also fully support sequencing the 15th and Reed Market roundabout widening and the Reed Market Interchange (railroad overcrossing) towards the end of the life of the bond to allow for the improvements needed in the rest of our transportation system to absorb the disruption that project will cause. 
  • As the feasibility study for the midtown crossings proceeds and we learn more, we ask that City staff, City Council, and the TBOC to find ways to improve east-west connectivity as soon as possible. While we support the Hawthorne overcrossing, it should not come at the expense of safe crossings of 3rd Street at Franklin and Greenwood. 
  • We would like to see the TBOC present to the City Council both the staff recommendation and a larger financing option to consider. If a larger financing option is feasible and there’s consensus that the vitality of our local economy is stronger than was anticipated when the bond measure was on the ballot, we support a larger financing option. If the larger financing option is feasible, we support the acceleration of the Bear Creek Road and 27th Street Improvements and/or Neff Corridor Improvements. Bear Creek and 27th is an important project from an equity perspective and the Neff Corridor is a part of the Broadman-Mendez Separated Bikeway Proposal.

The TBOC and City Council appreciates hearing from new voices, so if you have been following us but have never submitted public comment, now is your chance! Feel free to use our talking points and make them your own, or draft your own. If you need support in understanding the draft project list better, feel free to reach out to [email protected]All comments should be sent to [email protected] or you can provide your comment at the next TBOC meeting on November 9th during one of the public comment periods (4 pm or at 5:50 pm-ish)! Comments supporting a larger bond issuance — if feasible — should also be sent to the City Council at [email protected]