BPAC wants your safe sidewalk nominee

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Sometimes, in the depth of winter and the chips have been down (meaning the bike lanes have been iced over for what seems like un-ending weeks), it’s nice to acknowledge something positive.

The Deschutes County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee wants to do just that. They want to hear from you as to who has done a good job keeping their sidewalks walkable during these last snowy months.

Here’s an excerpt from the County’s press release:

[box type=”shadow”]Snow. Shovel. Repeat. This winter has put our bodies, equipment and dedication to the test. Now it’s time to recognize and celebrate those that have gone above and beyond to keep their sidewalks safe.

The Deschutes County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) is seeking nominations of businesses, organizations and individuals that make the extra effort to keep their sidewalks clear of debris and hazards. Winners will be recognized with Safe Sidewalk Awards, which will be presented during a Deschutes County Board of Commissioners business meeting this spring. Award recipients will also receive acknowledgment from their local Chamber of Commerce.

Nominations are due Feb. 28 and can be emailed to Deschutes County Planner Matthew Martin at [email protected]. [/box]

Click this link to download the Safe Sidewalks Nomination Form. Make sure you send in by the 28th.

Who will you nominate?