How to Bike to Work @ The Gear Fix

Bike to Work - Bend Bikes

If you work in the vicinity of The Gear Fix (555 SW Industrial Way, Suite 183) in Bend, please join us after work on Tuesday, May 17th, for an hour’s worth of tips about biking to work.

Peter Werner
If Peter Werner, local attorney can do it in a suit, what’s stopping you?

Whether you’re bike curious or a wily commuting veteran, this is the event for you. While the session will focus on riding to work, the lessons will apply to riding to just about anywhere.

It is Bike More Challenge month in Oregon after all, so if you’ve never ridden to work before, this is definitely the month to try it!

For the newbie bike commuter, you’ll get the chance to run elbows with others who commute to work near you and learn their tips and tricks. We’ll spend a few breakout sessions mapping routes, and getting hints on best-practices from other attendees. Who knows, you might meet someone with whom you can make a regular bike-train habit.

For more seasoned riders, we bet that you’ll take away one new tip you hadn’t heard or thought of before.

Either way, all attendees will be entered to win a gift certificate to The Gear Fix. Meet at 6:30pm and bring your questions and enthusiasm!