Bend Bike Night

Bend’s First Bike Night: Showcasing Bend’s Love Affair with Cycling

Cyclists of all ages and skill levels got a chance to mingle with other bike enthusiasts during the first ever Bend Bike Night at The Grove on May 13. 

The two-hour event, hosted by the City of Bend,  was part block party, part bike training and part lovefest for cyclists. 

“It was great to see Bendites of all ages enthused about cycling and safe streets,” said Mayor Melanie Kebler, who participated in the “bike bus” organized by Bend Bikes. Kebler, along with her family, pedaled from Larkspur Park to The Grove along with dozens of riders. Mayor Pro-Tem Megan Perkins and Rep. Emerson Levy were also in attendance.

Bend Bikes quizzed cyclists about bike safety and the children, as usual, had the most creative answers to our questions. When asked “What are two reasons you like riding your bike,” some of the best responses were: 

  • “Because it feels like freedom!”
  • “It’s fun and easy and makes me smile.”
  • “I love it when Mom & Dad come home from work and the whole family rides to eat dinner or get an ice cream.”
  • “Because it’s good exercise and it gives me independence.”

We can’t wait for next year’s Bend Bike Night and hope it becomes a Bend tradition.

Bend Bikes Board Members David Green, Kaitlin Greene and Rosalee Hermens quiz two young cyclists about bike safety.
A throng of bike enthusiasts of all ages rode to The Grove for the festivities.
Board members Kaitlin Greene and Rosalee Hermens are all smiles as they get ready for the crowd.
Even canine bike lovers got in on the act during Bend Bike Night.