Bend 2030 supports a fuel tax

In a press release today, Bend 2030 announced its board of directors’ unanimous support for the findings of the Streets Funding Committee regarding funding for Bend’s roads.

In a letter from Erin Foote Marlowe, the group’s Executive Director, to the Bend City Council, she wrote that they wanted to share,

“…our organization’s strong support for adequate street preservation funding provided in part by a fuel tax, as well as continued prioritization of funding for multimodal projects.”

You can download and read Bend 2030’s letter to the Bend City Council in its entirety here.

Foote Marlowe goes on to say,

“Our board also wishes to express its very clear support to you for the findings of the Streets Funding Committee regarding multimodal project funding including:

  • That $2.6 million in SDC money immediately be devoted to the completion of multimodal projects
  • That a new committee be formed to advise on multimodal and safety project funding and community awareness of the need for these projects
  • That a dedicated revenue source for multimodal projects be developed by September 2017″

To address a criticism that the Bend Bulletin leveled at Bend 2030’s assertion that it reflects the opinions of the marjority of area residents, the letter goes also says,

“Through a transportation forum attended by 175 people, a statistically valid survey and community survey, and through our role as a co-convener of the Streets Funding Committee, Bend 2030 has engaged thousands of residents in finding the most broadly supported solutions to funding an improved transportation system in Bend.”

“The overwhelming message from these thousands of residents: Adequately fund street preservation through a combination of funding sources including a fuel tax, and develop funding sources to greatly enhance multimodal options in the city.”

Thanks Bend 2030 for listening to what the people of Bend have asked for regarding our transportation system and sharing it with important policy making groups in Bend.