You, your business team, and the 2017 Bike More Challenge

Bike More Challenge

A huge part of getting more people on bikes is certainly advocacy, but it’s also about getting pedalers in saddles! The Street Trust (formerly known as the Bicycle Transportation Alliance) is putting on the 2017 Bike More Challenge which runs from May 1st to the 31st. On their website, they say, “It’s a fun, free competition to encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to experience first hand joys and benefits of riding a bike.” Truth be told, we believe them.

We’re asking bicycle commuters in Bend to log their trips throughout the month, as well as encourage as many folks as possible to ride. Prize awards are based on a point system: you get points for rides you make, but you garner even more points when you’ve encouraged someone else to ride during May.

In a press release, they write:

The 2017 Bike More Challenge is kicking off May 1st! This free Challenge is designed to engage businesses across Oregon in a friendly competition to see which business can get the most people to bike during the month of May (which is National Bike Month).

Each year over 10,000 individuals participate in the Challenge in which workplace teams log their cycling trips (both work and non-work related) between May 1-31. A points model is used to determine winners across various business size categories. Points are awarded for logged rides, as well as for the recruitment of new riders. Prizes are earned not only for challenge winners, but also for reaching various benchmarks along the way!

To prime the pump, we’re hosting a post-Challenge event to celebrate the month’s rides sometime in early June. Location, as well as date and time details are being ironed out, but suffice it to say that beer and lots of cheer will be involved.

Care to join? Click here to get yourself registered. Once at the website, you’ll also get the chance to register your business and recruit your co-workers too.